Product Review: Holland’s Soft Gun Cases

Have you faced this situation? You’ve finished building your long range rifle – 32 inch barrel, 50x scope or front/rear sights, fully adjustable stock…. test loads are built and you’re ready for the range. You carefully pack your new gun into a Pelican or SKB case with cutout foam and you’re off. You arrive at the range only to have to carry a 40 lb box to your firing point in addition to your range bag, shooting mat, spotting scope, etc… and all of a sudden the novelty of owning an expensive hard case wears off.

Don’t get me wrong, Peli and SKB are great boxes (I own one of each) and they are absolutely necessary if you ship or fly with guns. But like the guns they carry, cases are tools and its more important to have the right tool than to have the most expensive tool for the job. And when it comes to getting your guns on and off the line, a soft case is the right tool.

So off to the gun store you go to buy a soft gun case only to find that everything is made with thin, soft foam that’s woefully inadequate at protecting your investment… and they’re all 6 to 10 inches too short!

This is the exact problem I faced. After searching online and even purchasing an inexpensive soft case marketed to long range shooters (which fell apart almost immediately), I’ve finally found the solution: the Holland 56″ soft gun case. This gun case is in every way exactly what I needed. Its made from thick Cordura nylon inside and out, heavy duty zipper and high density foam. Compared to other soft gun cases I’ve owned, this one is hands-down the finest quality soft case I’ve every seen.

Despite the minimalistic stock, with an overall length of 54″, the rifle is quite long.

For me, the challenge is having enough room in the front to fit a large front sight and enough height in the rear to accommodate an adjustable butt plate. The Holland case solved both of these issues and then some.

Notice how the pockets aren’t stitched flat. They are designed to be stuffed.

In addition to the two generous side pockets which hold my shooting glove, rags, and OBI’s, the case also has an integrated sleeve for storing a cleaning rod. There’s enough room in the sleeve to slide a 1/2″ capped tube to protect the rod from breaking and to protect the end of the sleeve from the jag. As simple as the design is, its the elegance of simplicity that makes it so good.

A velcro retaining strap holds the cleaning in place

Finally, because the inside of the case is Cordura, it doesn’t attract and retain dirt and debris picked up at the range which invariably makes its way into my sights.

In conclusion, if you’re a high power shooter and you’re tired of hauling a hard case to the range, checkout the Holland 56″ Soft Gun case. I highly recommend this product.

Holland gun case at Berger SWN, 2017

For more information, contact Darrel Holland with Holland Guns