NBRSA Long Range Bench Rest


Please do not approach or congregate at any range, unless a PVGC Range Safety Officer (RSO) for that range/match is present. If the RSO is not present, please wait outside the gate. If the gate is open and an RSO from another match is present, please wait for your match RSO outside the gate. This has become a problem when there are two PVGC matches held on the same day. Please do not bring firearms forward until directed by the RSO for the particular match you are involved in. With your help, we can keep this sport safe. Thank you.

NBRSA Long Range Benchrest (600 & 1000 Yard)

Bob Hoppe: 775-397-3358 robh@mail.saturnnet.com
Bob Lach 503-414-5378 lachrose72@gmail.com

Basic Equipment

  • All NBSRA rules apply. Competitor must be an NBSRA member to participate. Membership is available at match registration.
  • Fees – $40.00 per gun
  • Eye and ear protection
  • “Light Class” 1000 yard bench gun is any scope-sighted centerfire rifle capable of shooting 1000 yards and keeping bullets on a 42″ piece of paper with circular scoring rings on it. Yes, your factory Winchester (or Remington, Sako, Weatherby, etc.) can shoot in this class. Guns in this class are limited to .40 caliber-and-under, 17 pounds total weight. No restriction on scopes. No “clamshell” (reverse facing) muzzle brakes.
  • Heavy class – .40 cal and under. You must be able to carry it to the bench; after that just about anything goes. You may shoot a light gun in heavy class and many do.
  • Front and rear rifle rests- can be pedestal-type, but each must have a sand bag in contact with the rifle front and rear that complies with NBRSA rules.
  • 100 rounds of ammo per gun. More if you like to shoot lots of sighters.
  • Wind flags are used by many shooters. If you have them, bring them. Odds are there will be something visible for you to use as a wind-aid (range flags are always there).
  • “I’m gonna have fun attitude”.

Course of Fire

  • These are 2 day matches: Saturday & Sunday for record w/Friday sign up and sight in.
  • 3 targets per day per gun. 6 total targets each class entered.
  • Saturday: 3 Light Gun targets, 5 record rounds per target. Unlimited spotted sighters during sighter period. Record rounds are not spotted. 3 Heavy Gun targets, 10 record rounds per target. Unlimited spotted sighters during sighter period. Record rounds are not spotted.
  • Sunday: repeat with reversed relays.
  • Trophys are awarded for 1st – 3rd place in each class for group and score, smallest group, highest score, and 12 target combined aggregate.