Smallbore Hunter Pistol


Please do not approach or congregate at any range, unless a PVGC Range Safety Officer (RSO) for that range/match is present. If the RSO is not present, please wait outside the gate. If the gate is open and an RSO from another match is present, please wait for your match RSO outside the gate. This has become a problem when there are two PVGC matches held on the same day. Please do not bring firearms forward until directed by the Match Director for the particular match you are involved in. With your help, we can keep this sport safe. Thank you.

Smallbore Hunter Pistol Silhouette Match Description

The PVGC smallbore hunter pistol silhouette match is designed for all shooter skill levels, and features NRA hunter pistol targets engaged at four separate distances in the standing position. This match will teach shooters: firearm safety, proper range etiquette, and basic marksmanship skills. The course of fire will be challenging enough to promote growth, and enable graduation into other match disciplines. This is a individual match is ideal for any .22 cal rim-fire pistol or revolver.

Costs: Participation is $5.00 for all children 12 years old and younger, and $7.00 for club members, and $14.00 for non-members.

Scheduling: Matches per event calendar. Target practice begins at 8AM after safety briefing.  Match starts begin approximately at 9AM.

Location: smallbore range at west side of Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility.

Match Director Contact:

Mike Ceccarelli: 775-240-7171

PVGC Smallbore Hunter Pistol Silhouette

Shooter Classes

Metallic Class: Any sighting system which provides a method of aligning two separate but visible sights. Artificial support is prohibited.

Non-Metallic Class: Any telescopic sighting system which includes a lens or system of lenses and an aiming reference or reticle at the focal plane of a lens or system of lenses. This includes a dot sight.  Artificial support is prohibited.

Basic Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
  • Pistol or Revolver in .22 cal rim-fire only.
  • 40 rounds of ammunition required per match, plus optional rounds for sight-in period and potential shoot-offs.
  • Case or rug to rest gun on when not in use.  Optional table and/or chair, if desired.

2nd Gun Rule

With approval of the Match Director, this event allows for contestants to enter a second gun into competition at the expense of an additional entry cost. The second gun may not be a modification of the first gun entered, and must fire an allowed cartridge as defined in the Ammunition Policy. This second gun may be a pistol of either metallic or non-metallic shooter class. A contestant may only receive one award per shooter class entered.

Course of Fire Details

  • Station #1: fire five shots in two separate 2 1/2-minute periods at chicken targets 40m/44y away using a standing position.
  • Short break to record score and service targets.
  • Station #2: fire five shots in two separate 2 1/2-minute periods at pig targets 60m/66y away using a standing position.
  • Short break to record score and service targets.
  • Station #3: fire five shots in two separate 2 1/2-minute periods at turkey targets 77m/84y away using a standing position.
  • Short break to record score and service targets.
  • Station #4: fire five shots in two separate 2 1/2-minute periods at ram targets 100m/109y away using a standing position.
  • Short break to record score and service targets.
  • Conduct sudden-elimination shoot-off to settle tie-breakers if necessary.
  • Short break to clear all firearms and personal equipment from the line.
  • Collect and store targets. Announce final scores, and award match winners.

Event Rules

  • This competition is for .22 cal rim-fire pistol or revolver only. Shooters may compete in one class per firearm: metallic sights without artificial support, or non-metallic sights without artificial support.
  • Shooters will be scored on a total of 40-rounds for record. You will shoot a total of four relays for this match in the standing position.
  • Each relay consists of two 5-round strings of fire, completed within  2 1/2 minutes.
  • Armor piercing or steel core ammunition is not allowed, and may not be fired at this range.
  • Shooters will be randomly divided up into squads based on the total number of shooters at the match.
  • Shooters will engage targets beginning left to right. The first five targets face left, the second five targets face right.
  • A ‘hit’ is scored when the silhouette target is knocked over, or visibly marked by bullet impact.
  • A ‘miss’ is scored when the target is not knocked over and has no visible sign of bullet impact.
  • If a mechanical problem causes delay, the shooter or squad members may request an alibi for extra time.
  • The range will periodically be made ‘cold’ so that shooters may safely travel downrange to service targets.
  • At the end of a match, shooters with identical scores may wish to break a tie with a shoot-off contest for placing.
  • After the match is complete shooters will make the line safe and the range ‘cold’ to collect targets and dump trash.

Score tie-breakers: in the event of identical final match scores, a shoot-off in the standing position at 100m targets will determine placement.

Ammunition Policy:

A minimum of 40 rounds ammunition is required per match, plus replacement ammunition for damaged or lost rounds. Additional ammunition may be desired for the optional sight-in period and potential shoot-offs.

Allowed cartridges:

  • .22 Short, .22 Long
  • .22 LR Long Rifle

Prohibited cartridges:

  • .22 Magnum
  • No steel or armor piercing allowed
  • No tracer ammunition allowed

Match Results

All match results are posted online here: Smallbore Hunter Pistol Match Results

Notice to All Attendees

While every effort is made to ensure that shooters enjoy this sport, all club matches operate with safety as the primary goal. If at any time you feel that a shooter is not being safe or requires instruction, please immediately notify the Match Director or Range Safety Officer. If an imminent safety risk exists, you are required to loudly command “cease fire!” and notify the Match Director of the situation.