Smallbore Silhouette Classifications for 2019


NOTE!! The first Smallbore Silhouette on the schedule for March MAY say “MATCH”, but it is going to be a PRACTICE ONLY!!! AND the start time is about 9:00 AM, NOT the usual 7:30!!

Here is a list of people that have shot this match and are assigned a classification. We use TWO rifle classifications—Metallic (unmagnified) and Magnified (usually SCOPED). Unmagnified is for all metallic sights and for sights like red dots that have ZERO optical magnification. Magnified is for any sighting system that has any degree of optical magnification—such as a usual rifle scope. Also listed are the class names and the score spreads to qualify to be classified in the respective classes. I have reviewed all of our shooters’ scores for the last several matches and made a few adjustments upward and downward in the classifications, but not too many. If you feel you have been moved inappropriately, please contact me (Don Johnson) If you desire to shoot in a higher class, you may be classified upward by request. If your  scores for the previous two matches indicate that you could or should be reclassified downward to that class it will be done by the Match Director, BUT BY SHOOTER REQUEST ONLY! Classifications are assigned after a shooter has shot as unclassified one time and established a score that determines into which class he/she will be placed for any further matches that person participates in.



36-40 Master: Olin Coles, David Guilford, Bill Heeter

29-35 Expert: Doyle Andrews, Joe Blacksmith, Kenny Blacksmith, Melissa Blacksmith, Sam Blacksmith, Mike Ceccarelli, Cameron Chappell, Ray Marshall, Jason Mundt, Curt Murtha, Chuck Neller, Jeremy Risher, Mark Possin, Mike Sekarak, Ace Tan, David Vidimos,

20-28 Sharpshooter: Doyle Andrews, Hunter Blacksmith, Joe Blacksmith, Al Corea, Kevin Crow, Felipe DeSouza, Jerad Hershewe, Greg Hinge, Mark Hogan, Merrick McKeig, Andrew Morris, Ron Piette, Dave Roberts, Jon Schwartz, Ryan Serr, Jeff Stroup, Matthew Weaver

0-19 Marksman: Amy Bieschel, Jenn Crow, Dale Henrie, Ryan Franco, Jerry Gomolka, Bailey Jarret, Scott Jarret, Robert Jenne, Alecia Lucchesi, Merrick McKieg, Jason Mundt, Trevor Mundt, Ethan Rice, Jacob Rice, Alexander Weaver, Benjamin Weaver



36-40 Master: Bruce Barth, Olin Coles, Brian Fairchild, Bill Heeter, Don Johnson, David Jun, Dan Lindholm, Rick Lovelace, Ben Lucchesi Jason Mundt, Chuck Neller,

30-35 Expert: Doyle Andrews, Kevin Bader,   Amy Bieschel, Jim Brott, Tyler Baumgartner, Mike Ceccarelli, Marty Collmar, Reece Dassinger, Felipe De Souza,   Paul Fischer, Jerry Golmoka, Ken Harrison, Jeff Heron, Greg Hinge,   Hannah Hollerbach, Jack Huntington, Chris Jacobsen, Shihoko Johnson, Cristofor King, Emily Ladoucer, Rick Malmstrom, Rickie Malone, Ray Marshall, Addison Mohler, Andrew Morris, Ralston Pedersen, Mark Possin, Ace Tan, Matthew Weaver

20-29 Sharpshooter: Hunter Blacksmith, David Burkhard, Chris Cefalu, Glen Contreras, Ricky De Souza, Rick Duncan, Juliano Franco, Ryan Franco, Jennifer Golmoka, David Guildord, Dale Henrie, Dave Hill, Mark Hogan, Kris Hunibert, Hack Huntington, Wayne Kent, Hunter Kirkwood, Dennis Larue, Robin Lovelace, Duke McGill, Nick Mavrogianis, Bryan O’Conner, Cameron Piette, Dennis Roehrick, Angie Walsh, Mike Wallace, Justin Walsh, Tim Young

0-19 Marksman: Jacob Burkhard, Glen Contreras, Maribel De Souza, Alyssa Duncan, Brian Hoyle, Luke Heron, Mark Heron, Bailey Jarrett, Scott Jarrett, Mike Johnson, Chase King, Elizabeth Kish, Shane Keause, Bob Moulton, Jason Mundt, Janet Piette, Randy Rice, Bill Sell, Michael Sekarak, Sarah Singleton, Jerry Stephens, Laura Stroup, Ardey Vad, Jacob Walsh