2020 Nevada State Long Range Championships

Dear Shooters,
It is with sincere sadness that we are cancelling the 2020 Nevada State Long Range Championships. Although Washoe County is opening the range this coming weekend, they are doing so under modified operating procedures at the direction of local and state health authorities.

The county had intended to limit the number of participants at our are events to 10 people total, however we were able to agree to allowing 10 people at a time so we can use the range in shifts. The concept is that shooters will be assigned to a groups of 8 people + 2 RSOs who will be given a block time to shoot. Those who aren’t shooting will be asked to socially distance in their vehicles until the line is fully vacated at which point we’ll run another block of time. At no point should the separate groups of people come in direct contact with one another.

The county also requested that we use electronic targets. We understand that this may seem counter intuitive as target pullers and shooters are naturally socially distanced, but the intention is limit the amount of common equipment that people handle, such as target carries. Despite this request, after considerable deliberation we’ve determined that it will be too difficult to run a match under these restrictions. Therefore we’re converting all of our activities this month to all-day practices. Those who wish to use the range will be allowed to shoot as many block-times as daylight allows. Currently we have the range booked for the next 3 weekends including a Friday, Memorial Day, and the Monday after the Match. Practices are $15/day.

For those that have paid for the match, refunds are in the process of being returned. For those whose checks we haven’t deposited, we’ll void and return them.

If you are interested in participating in any of our practice days, please contact me as we will be requiring advance notice of participation so we can plan accordingly.

Ben Lucchesi
Palomino Valley Gun Club