Club History

On 7 February 1977 the club precursor “Friends of Palomino Valley” negotiated with McCulloch Properties, Inc. of Fountain Hills,
Arizona, to make the charitable sale of 530 acres land with 20 acre-feet water rights to Washoe County for $10, with the arrangement for land to be granted specifically for the purpose of a gun club or similar recreational facility open and available for use by the general public.

In 1980, Phase 1 of the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility (WCRSF) was completed and the range was opened to the public. Phase 1 engineering was done by Walter’s Engineering, and the construction completed by Tannenbaum Construction. Funding for the completion of
Phase 1 was provided by: construction tax, general fund, Heritage Conservation and Recreation Services, a donation from the National Rifle Association (NRA) for $50,000, and donation from McCulloch Properties for $100,000. A stipulation for the NRA donation was that the Association may utilize the range for sanctioned or sponsored shooting matches free of charge.

The Palomino Valley Gun Club was formed in 1981, under the direction of Mr. Nevada Wise. Many dedicated members and volunteers have helped make the club a tremendous success. In 2000, Palomino Valley Gun Club, Inc. (also referred to as PVGC) formed as a 501(c)(7) Nevada non-profit organization.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility were completed in 1982, and included the high power 1,000 yard shooting range, new well, pump, telemetry controls, supply line, and 60,000 gallon water storage tank and storage building. Funding for the completion included the remainder of the NRA donation, $15,000 in grants from the Nevada Department of Wildlife, $45,000 in grants from the Nevada Department of Wildlife for Hunter Safety Training, construction tax, and general fund.

PVGC was soon adopted as the host club for the Regional Shooting Facility, and several improvements followed. In 1985 the Palomino Valley Gun Club, through a Volunteer Services Agreement with Washoe County, completed Phase 1 of site improvements to the Regional Shooting Facility. PVGC has worked with Washoe County towards the betterment of the Regional Shooting Facility, and periodically conducts volunteer maintain and service.

Today, PVGC hosts safe and friendly public rifle shooting competition for sportsmen and hunters of all ages and skill levels.