21 MAR 2021 Mini-Palma Results

Although this was a match I didn’t originally put on the schedule due to the “chancy” weather in March, I included it due to “popular demand” and it turned out to be a nice day to shoot with coolish temps in the early morning with a warming trend in later morning. The wind was not too strong, but what there was would be called “switchy”, which made for some challenging shooting. We had a GREAT turnout of 20 shooters (as of now, the max we can handle). Overall MATCH WINNER was a shoother new to this match—DENNIS BIZEAU with a 450-35X, which is pretty darned good shooting and he did take 1st place in Open/Unlimted. 2nd was Thang Doan with an also great score of 450-31X and third was Ace Tan, who let one sneak away on him for a score of 449-28X We had NO sling shooters, but a real good turnout in Field ready class, which was won by Ken Harrison with a 437-23X, followed by Jim Brot with 420-8X and that is as far as we gave awards. Denis told us he wouldn’t be able to make next month and bring back the traveling trophy, so Thang Doan took it home!

(MORE RESULTS with scores to come—probably tomorrow!)