100 yd to 850 yd Steel Precision Practice


Make sure you are registered and present by 8am for the Safety Brief. Any shooters not present for the safety brief cannot participate in the match. Please see further information below:

We will have a number of Steel target practice days this year. These practices aren’t geared toward any particular competition. The folks who want to practice at the same ranges as the Long Range Varmint, the Military Silhouette, the Tactical Rifle Matches – both center fire and rim fire will get some time at those ranges on some of the steel that they use.

Safety notes:  Anyone who shows up early, please do not bring out your guns until the RSO is present and says we can do so. We will be limiting the calibers to 338 and no steel/magnetic type of ammo.

This will be a low key event, with RSO supervision. We may dedicate an date or two toward a long range clinic type of atmosphere. These will be announced on a case by case basis. There will always be RSOs and long range shooters who are more than capable of giving some pointers to any of those interested in starting up in the sport.

  1. Please show up by 7:45 AM. We will discuss target needs and everyone will help put out targets at any of the ranges available. You are welcome to bring your own steel targets (RSO will approve them) or 100yd zero targets. If you bring targets, be prepared to stay to the end of the practice time… usually 11:00 AM to pick them up. We will keep the line hot until the RSO determines it’s time to shut down.
  2. If we get a large crowd the RSO may limit the number of shooters at any given time and we can all take turns at the positions with those not shooting practicing your spotting or enjoying each other’s company.