Military Silhouette


Please do not approach or congregate at any range, unless a PVGC Range Safety Officer (RSO) for that range/match is present. If the RSO is not present, please wait outside the gate. If the gate is open and an RSO from another match is present, please wait for your match RSO outside the gate. This has become a problem when there are two PVGC matches held on the same day. Please do not bring firearms forward until directed by the RSO for the particular match you are involved in. With your help, we can keep this sport safe. Thank you.

Military Silhouette

Match Director: Jim Kovacs

When arriving in the morning immediately check in with a Range Safety Officer. If no RSO can be located please wait outside the gate at the west end of the public range until an RSO arrives.

Basic Equipment

  • Eye & ear protection.
  • Military rifle of pre-1946 design, in original configuration including sights. Military type sling OK.
  • 40 rounds of ammunition plus enough for sighting at four ranges (500, 385, 160, and 100 meters).
  • Fee: $10 PVGC members, $15 non-members.

Shooter Classes

  • Service Class: Pre-1946 design military rifles in original condition including battle sights.
  • Open Iron Class: Pre-1946 design military rifles with modification from their original design but still with iron sights. 1946 or later military design with iron sights.
  • Open Optic Class: Any military design rifle with a scope that can be used at 4x or less. Modifications allowed.
  • The Service and Open Classes will still utilize the offhand handicapping system.

Course of Fire

  • Prone, 40 rounds.
  • Ten Silhouette targets each type: Rams @ 500 meters, Turkeys @ 385 meters, Pigs @ 160 meters, and Chickens @ 100 meters.
  • Four firing-line places; one for each type target.
  • Shoot 10 rounds at same type target in 10 minutes with unlimited sighters. Once shooter is through with sighters, the next 10 rounds are for record. Single round loading only.
  • All shooters rotate to the next type target, and repeat firing sequence for this new group of 10 targets at the new range.
  • Scoring: One point for each target knock-down.