Short Range Tactical Rifle


Please do not approach or congregate at any range, unless a PVGC Range Safety Officer (RSO) for that range/match is present. If the RSO is not present, please wait outside the gate. If the gate is open and an RSO from another match is present, please wait for your match RSO outside the gate. This has become a problem when there are two PVGC matches held on the same day. Please do not bring firearms forward until directed by the RSO for the particular match you are involved in. With your help, we can keep this sport safe. Thank you.

Short-Range Tactical Rifle Match Description

Event Summary

The PVGC short-range tactical rifle match is designed for novice to intermediate competitive experience, and features 8-inch round steel AR500 targets hanging 19 degrees back angle on dual straps at distances 100/200/300-yards away and engaged from several shooting positions with improvised support. This match will teach shooters firearm safety, proper range etiquette, and basic marksmanship skills. The course of fire will be challenging enough to promote growth, and enable graduation into similar match disciplines. This timed event is open to all guns, but is designed for rifles with detachable box magazine capable of rapid engagement.

Event Particulars

  • Match Director: Monte Forbes: 775-851-0649,
  • Location: Smallbore Range at west side of Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility.
  • Cost: $10 for club members, or $15 for non-members. Must be 13+ to participate.
  • Schedule: Second Sunday of the month April through November, check calendar for dates. Sign up 8-8:30AM, safety brief follows with practice at 9AM, match starts 9:30AM. Anyone not there for the safety brief will not shoot.
  • Target Distances: 100, 200, and 300-yards, aligned directly in front of each firing position.
  • Positions: A) Improvised prone support, B) Improvised kneeling support, and C) Improvised standing support.
  • New multi position barricades shown below to replace previous individual position supports.


Event Description

The Short-Range Tactical (SRT) rifle match is an individual event, with participants grouped into squads consisting of at least three shooters to accommodate target spotting and match scoring. Squad members are not permitted to coach shooters with range conditions or target impact during this event. The firing line consists of two firing points behind improvised prone, kneeling, and standing support barriers. Under stress of time shooters engage targets in rotation: 100, 200, 300-yards. Each target struck in appropriate order is considered a hit worth one point. The Range Safety Officer observes conditions behind the firing line. Additional ammunition may be desired for early practice shooting when permitted.

Shooters stand ready at their firing point with a safe unloaded rifle in one hand and magazine(s) charged with ammunition in the other. When time begins shooters settle into their position, insert magazine, and fire six rounds within 60-seconds for their slow-fire string. Remaining in position, three separate rapid-fire strings follow with reduced time limits in each. Firing more shots than allowed in any string causes disqualification for the stage. No alibi shooting shall be offered for malfunctions or equipment failures. When time expires, shooters will be cleared to store their rifle and retrieve gear.

Rifle Classes

  • Service Rifle: Any sighting system which provides a method of aligning separate but visible sights or mounted reference points, including scopes meeting the service rifle requirements of 4.5 max power and 34mm objective lens.
  • Open: Any telescopic sighting system which includes a lens or system of lenses and an aiming reference or reticle at the focal plane of a lens or system of lenses, including magnifying dot and holographic optics, greater the 4.5 power or 34mm objective lens.

Basic Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
  • Rifle utilizing any permitted cartridge, detachable box magazine(s) recommended.
  • 45 rounds of ammunition required: 15 per relay, plus additional for practice and potential shoot-offs.
  • Optional spotting scope or binoculars suggested.
  • Gloves, pads, bags, and shooting jackets are permitted per event rules.

Course of Fire Details

Using a supported position behind each barrier, shooter has 60-seconds to set position and engage six targets in rotation: 100, 200, 300-yards. A series of three rapid strings are then fired, engaging three targets in rotation before time expires.

Event Rules

  • Match Director shall issue final rule and decision over disputes at this event.
  • Artificial support equipment is allowed, and must be attached to the rifle and/or the shooter for entire length of match.
  • Match Director may allow alternate shooting position to accommodate physical limitation.
  • A ‘hit’ is scored when a spotter determines the correct target has been struck, producing visible target movement.
  • A ‘miss’ is scored when there is no indication the target has been struck, and bullet impact is seen beyond the target.
  • At the end of a match, shooters may break a tie with a 5 second rapid fire improvised standing position shoot-off contest for placing.

Ammunition Policy

A minimum of 45 rounds ammunition is required for this course of fire, plus any amount desired for practice or replacement. All steel core, armor piercing, and tracer ammunition is prohibited at this range.

2nd Gun Rule

With approval of the Match Director and when attendance allows, contestants may enter a second unique rifle into competition at the expense of an additional entry cost. Contestants may receive only one award per shooter class entered.

Match Results

All match results are posted online here: Short Range Tactical Rifle Match Results

Notice to All Attendees

While every effort is made to ensure that shooters enjoy this sport, all club matches operate with safety as the primary goal. If at any time you feel that a shooter is not being safe or requires instruction, please immediately notify the Match Director or Range Safety Officer. If an imminent safety risk exists, you are required to loudly command “cease fire!” and notify the Match Director of the situation.