Meeting Minutes – 10/2015

October 2015 Order of Business:

Meeting is called to order on 20 October 2015. In attendance are: Dave Roberts (President), Bob Hoppe (Vice President), Olin Coles (Secretary and Media Director), Tony Sallaberry (Treasurer), Steve Archibald (Match Director), Mike Ceccarelli (Member), Don Johnson (Member), Emily Ladouceur (Member), Neil Gift (Member), Rina Johari (Guest), and Bryan Snyder (Guest).

The Secretary read minutes of the previous meeting, which were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.

The Media Director reported that the club website continues to receive steady traffic, with 616 visits for 1978 page views in September. The most popular pages were: event schedule, NorNev match description, long range varmint match description, club membership, match descriptions, long range varmint results, long range high power match description, match results, smallbore silhouette match results. No newsletter was sent out in September, and none planned for October. There are currently 175 total members as of this meeting, with 51 brand new members joining in 2015.

Unfinished business:

  1. Secretary explained Washoe County range reservation policy with Match Directors.
  2. Bob Hoppe requested changes to next season’s event schedule on the 1000-yard range.
  3. Neil Gift requested additional dates for his NorNev event on the Silhouette range.
  4. Steve Archibald requested changes to next season’s event schedule on the Smallbore range.
  5. Mike Ceccarelli requested a data change for his Hunter Pistol event on the Smallbore range.

New business:

  1. Secretary secured classroom for future club meetings through Debbie Block of Reno Guns and Range.
  2. Discussed whether the club should pay for a member’s RSO certification. No vote held, no determination.
  3. Members requested to send NRA RSO certificate to Secretary. Recertification renewal upcoming.
  4. Neil Gift and Rina Johari requested direct access to the Media Director’s Facebook account to control the Club’s fan page. They will instead create and manage their own Facebook account for the NorNev match.
  5. The Christmas party will begin preparations. The scheduled date on December 9th is firm.
  6. President announced the next club meeting will take place 6:30PM Tuesday on November 17th at Bonanza Casino.

There being no further business, this meeting is adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Olin Coles
PVGC Secretary