We had a total of 17 competitors join us for a pleasant day of shooting fun on a somewhat cool, VERY slightly breezy day that threatened rain, but only very briefly sprinkled on us in a 12 to 15 minute light sunshower. Oh, yeah….and in spite of kinda “moseying” through the match (we will want to HUSTLE a little more in the future), we were DONE BY LUNCHTIME and would have had the same result had we had a further 7 shooters attend!!! With the little bit of “hustle” mentioned above, I think we could be done by lunchtime even if we had a total of 32 shooters!! So, BRING IT ON—–Get those .22 rifles out and come and shoot with us!!! You can read more about this match in the “EVENT DESCRIPTIONS” area of the website.

Some very good scores were shot today by many people….many of whom were classified upward for our next shoot and we had several new shooters earn classifications that will be applied in future matches. We had shoot-offs in a couple of classes: A two way tie at 30 for a shoot off for first place in the Magnified EXPERT class, followed by a THREE WAY shoot off to establish second, third and fourth places in Magnified MASTER class.

PLEASE NOTE!!!—-We now have a lot of shooters that have earned their way into the Magnified Master classification and  so we are now contemplating a way to further challenge these shooters (and the Experts!) by changing, by a very few targets, the classification breaks by score and to make a couple of changes to the “difficulty enhancements”, to include having the Masters stand for the chickens, pigs and rams, but sitting or kneeling for the turkeys and challenging our EXPERTS a little more by making their positions standing for both chickens and pigs and sitting or kneeling for both turkeys and rams. Another possibility is to add another classification (maybe called “HIGH MASTER”) above the current Master classification and require having shot a minimum score or 37 or 38 to attain “High Master” classification AND have them use the same positions as for the Master Classification. Hmmmm…still thinking…maybe 37 is too low…what do you all think?? PLEASE DO EMAIL me ( with your suggestions/opinions/ideas, as I would really prefer to have input from the shooters!! I would really like to implement these changes for our 2017 matches (in spite of already having held the first one of the year), as these changes would require NO equipment changes or new “zeroes” for anyone, yet would satisfy the folks at the Master Classification level’s desire for a greater challenge! Most probably, we would NOT reclassify anyone—-just implement the new positions (“difficulty enhancements”).


Results of the 25 March 2017 match are as follows:


Competitor Rifle Chick Pigs Turk Rams Old Level New Level
Don Johnson CZ 455 9 10 10 10 39 MR MR
Bill Heeter ?? 9 10 10 8 37 MR MR
Chuck Neller Anschutz 9 10 10 8 37 MR MR
Mark Possin Anschutz 8 10 10 9 37 MR MR
Ray Marshall CZ455 8 10 9 7 34 MR MR
Ben Lucchesi CZ455 8 9 10 7 34 MR MR
Dan Lindholm Ruger 10-22 9 10 10 4 33 MR MR
Doyle Andrews Anschutz 4 9 10 8 31 MR MR
Ace Tan Anschutz 6 8 10 6 30 MR MR
Mike Ceccarelli Rem 541 4 7 10 9 30 EX EX
Shihoko Johnson Kimber 82 4 10 9 7 30 EX EX
Jerry Gomolka TC 5 9 10 9 33 SS EX
Jim Brott Ruger 5 10 8 6 29 MM EX



Competitor Rifle Chick Pigs Turk Ram Old Level New Level
Matthew Weaver CZ455 7 6 9 3 25 SS SS
Duke MacGill Ruger 10-22 2 2 6 5 15 SS SS
Brian Fairchild CZ455 7 9 10 9 35 UNCL EX
Michael Sekerak Ruger10-22 3 2 1 1 7 UNCL MM

Notes: MR=MASTER, EX=Expert, SS=Sharpshooter, MM=Marksman, UNCL=Unclassified

If any of you find an “oopsy” in any of the above, let me know and I will TRY TO fix it. (probably with Ben’s help…..I’m a DINOSAUR!!!)

All the cool pictures posted below were taken and posted by BEN LUCCHESI….I was so busy that I don’t think I took more than one pic, but a viewer can see what goes on at one of these Smallbore Silhouette Matches….ENJOY!!!