14th annual Western CMP Games Matches and Creedmoor Cup Matches

The 14th annual Western CMP Games Matches and Creedmoor Cup Matches will be held Oct. 13-22, 2017, for another series of rifle events at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The week-long series of vintage and service rifle matches is open to competitors of all ages and experience levels.

NEW IN 2017: The CMP will be bringing electronic targets to the Western CMP Games Matches only. Competitors firing on the High Power range will be firing on Kongsberg Electronic Targets (KTS). The KTS system registers each shot and relays the location and score value to a monitor beside each shooter on the firing line. Electronic Target Scoring Rules are available http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/Rulebook.pdf.
The 2017 Creedmoor Cup Match will be conducted using the new CMP Cup Match Rules, including the new CMP classification system. This match will NOT be an NRA registered match. Scores fired will not be submitted to the NRA for classification purposes or national record establishment, but the scores will be collected for use in the new CMP Classification System.

CMP EVENTS: The CMP will hold a traveling Small Arms Firing School and M16 EIC Match. Competitors will also have the ability to fire in four separate Garand/Springfield/Vintage or Modern Military Matches during the CMP Games. There will also be a Carbine Match, a Rimfire Sporter Match and a Vintage Sniper Match.

CREEDMOOR RIFLE EVENTS: Creedmoor Sports will be holding a free High Power Rifle Clinic, taught by Team CMP. Competitors will also be able to fire in a four man team match and a 2400 Aggregate Creedmoor Cup Match (three 80 shot matches fired on Thursday, Friday and Saturday). The Creedmoor events end with a Service Rifle EIC Match fired on Sunday.

You can register for the Western CMP Games Events here: http://thecmp.org/competitions/cmp-travel-games/western-games/.

You can register for the Western Creedmoor Cup Events here: www.CreedmoorSports.com.

See the full 2017 Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Schedule and Official Match Program on the Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup

Homepage: http://thecmp.org/competitions/cmp-travel-games/western-games/.

We hope to see you and all your club members at the 2017 Western CMP Games & Creedmoor Cup Matches.