Club Meeting Minutes – Nov 2017

Palomino Valley Gun Club November Meeting Minutes, 2017

In attendance: Chuck Neller, Mike Moore, Scotty Strachan, James Strachan, Calvin Strachan, Dave
Roberts, Monte Forbes, Don Johnson, Ace Tan, Ben Lucchesi, Bob Hoppe, Todd Hallmeyer, Bill and
Dawn Zenz, Doyal Andrews, Mike Ceccharelli, Tony Sallaberry

Secretary: No new topics
Treasurer: No new topics
Media: No new topics

Old Business:
The club has 4 members who took the Chief RSO class. These 4 members will be able to hold RSO
certification classes in the future.

New Business:
Last match is over and the Sani-hut needs to be pumped and winterized. There needs to be someone
available to allow access for the pumper truck.


New club officers have been elected:

President: Ben Lucchesi
Vice President: Addison Mohler
Secretary: Doyle Andrews
Treasurer: Ace Tan