For our June match we had good weather, though high temps were forecast (did NOT happen!) So weather with really nice temperatures and some wind—it started blowing lightly at the very beginning of the match and blew hard enough to physically move standing shooters around some—making the shooting somewhat challenging! We had kind of a light turnout this month—- 13 shooters, 2 of whom shot guns in both MAGNIFIED and UNMAGNIFIED classes for a total of 15 guns on the line. We had no shoot offs this time with the match being finished before 11:00 AM. The OVERALL MATCH WINNER was Mike Cecceralli with a score of 35 (UNMAGNIFIED!!) and then we hung out for a little while afterward to do some gun testing, ammo testing and just sort of messing around after the awards were handed out, so we were there until around 11:30. DONE WWAAAYY BEFORE LUNCHTIME!!  Early on I handed out some award ribbons I owed folks from last match when I ran out of them. Again, I’d like to extend a “thank you” to all the shooters that helped out with equipment set-up and tear-down and to say thanks to Mike Ceccarelli for his help running the match when I took a turn at shooting. My apologies, as I was pretty disorganized this month at award time and the wind didn’t help much (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!! (LOL!) I am always thankful that we have such a great group of folks that participate in these shooting events and hope that we see more of some of the regular shooters we missed having with us this month—-I know the weather was supposed to be hot and that in summer there are a LOT of other things to do, but we MISSED a lot of people this month!! ALL you you guys and gals make it a LOT easier and enjoyable for me to run the match without a lot of distractions (though necessary ones!). SEE you all next month!! I am looking forward to another great shoot!!!!!


Competitor,       Rifle,            Chick,   Pigs,   Turk,   Rams,  TOTAL, Old Class, New Class

Mike Ceccarelli, Rem 541S, 10,         9,        10,      6,          35         EX,            EX

Ace Tan,              Anschutz,    6,         7,          7,      8,          28,        EX,            EX

Filipe DeSouza,   (UNK),        7,          5,          6,      4,          22,        SS,            SS

Greg Hinge,         (UNK),        3,          5,          5,      7,          20,        SS,            SS


Don Johnson,        Anschutz, 7,           8,          9,      9,          33,        MA,           MA

Olin Coles,            Sav MK II,  9,           8,        10,      5,          32,        MA,           MA

Chuck Neller,             KIDD,   7,           5,           9,      7,          28,        MA,           MA

Jim Brott,                 RUGER,   5,           6,           9,      8,          28,        EX,            EX

Ace Tan,                 Anschutz, 9,           8,           4,      6,          27,        EX,            EX

Ken Harrison,     MARLIN XT, 7,           6,           8,      6,          27,        EX,            EX

Filipe DeSouza,      (UNK),      7,           7,           8,      3,          25,        EX,            EX

Emily Ladouceur, Sav MK II,  6,           5,            7,      4,          22,       EX,            EX

Ricky Malone,         KIDD,       5,           5,            9,      7,          26,       SS,            SS

Dale Henrie,           RUGER,    3,          5,             9,      7,          24,       SS,            SS

Amy Bieschel,      Rem 541S, 3,          1,              3,      0,           7,       MM,           MM