Long Range Number Boards Update

In April of 2018, Palomino Valley Gun Club received a in-kind match of funds for volunteer labor from Washoe County Parks and Recreation to replace the number boards on the long range. Over the course of the year we executed this project which involved setting 60 posts in concrete, hanging and painting 30 new number boards. We are please to announce that this project is complete!

We would like to thank the numerous volunteers who contributed their valuable time and energy, especially our paint crew who brought this project across the finish line: Tim Dey, Mark Ronchetti, Addison Mohler and Don Johnson.

We also extend our sincere gratitude to Washoe County Parks and Recreation for purchasing all of the materials and providing the posthole digger.

Finally, we thank Range Master James Leary, who volunteered on his day off to make the range available during the week for us to work on this project and for operating the posthole digger. Without his help, we’d still be up on that hill digging postholes!