Mobile App to Learn Wind Reading

High Power Wind Lab, by Accuracy Software, is a app that helps shooters learn to read wind by showing shooters where their shot will impact given an observed wind condition, calculating the correction needed to compensate for the wind, and a range of possible impacts if the wind is misread by up to 15 degrees in angle and 1.5 mph in speed.

Wind direction and wind speed can be changed by touching the screen controls to automatically recalculate the wind correction in MOA and display the range of possible impacts on the target.

Use this app on and off the range. Before shooting, explore the range of corrections values you’ll be using based on observed conditions. During live fire, plot shots and wind. After shooting, review your plots and basic statics about your shooting: total score, wind score, elevation score, time between shots, more.

Available now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For instructions on its use and links to the app stores, visit: