Long Range Varmint Silhouette Match Results – 8 June 2019

My apologies to everyone for this post being late.

It was super windy for the match on June 8, but our resident wind whisperers were not afraid!

Without further adieu, here are the scores I failed to post on time:

NameClassSquirrel (8)Crow (8)Chuck (8)Rabbit (8)Coyote (8)TotalClass Up
Tom Mangham48477531
Doyal Kirby45586327
Dan Lindholm45557325
Dave Thompson46743424
Tony Sallaberry43566424
Loren Burgess45564323
Jim Haynie44446422
Erica Johnson45454321
Chuck Neller43345520
Mike Brewton48154220
Justin Johnson45135418
Jason Downing47241216
Ricky Malone43333315
David Ryder41144414
Brian Fairchild41521413
Mike Lange35446625
Don Johnson38535324
Rick Kirby35254622
Darren Walkenhorst33364622
Jeff Devere32732519
Monte Forbes35124214
Shannon Meredth3021036
Marty Collmar3000000
Skyler Strom281263203
Ace Tan2100135
Craig Johnson2101013
Nick Knowles164445232
Felipe DeSouza16101311