Introduction to F Class June 29th, 2019

Introduction to F Class

 600 and 1000 Yards 

Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility

Hosted by the Palomino Valley Gun Club

June 29th, 2019

Shooters who want to find out and experience what long range target shooting is about are invited to attend the Introduction to F Class at the Washoe County Shooting Facility on Pyramid Highway.  Bring your equipment and shoot at 600 and 1000 yards.  This is not a match.    Please arrive at 7:30 for registration and safety briefing on the 600 yard line. Spectators welcome.  The briefing will cover:

Range Safety

Shooting at 600 and 1000 Yards

Target Operation in the Pits

All people attending must bring eye and ear protection.  If you plan to shoot, bring the following:

Rifle and ammunition (25-30 rounds per distance)

Spotting scope or binoculars for spotting your hits

Something to lay on if shooting prone

Adjustable stool if you shoot from the bench

Bipods or other front rest and a rear rest for rifle 

Shooters will be divided into three groups, one will shoot, one will score and the other will pull target.  All shooters will score, shoot and pull targets.  Once shooting is complete by at 600 yards, shooters who want to shoot at 1000 yards will divided into three groups and the procedure is repeated. Cost is $15 to shoot at 600 yards and an additional $10 to shoot at 1000 yards after qualifying at 600 yards.  The event will last until at least 2:00 so bring water and food if you need it.

Shooters who want to shoot at 1000 yards will have to indicate this at registration and also have to shoot at 600 yards.  Equipment will be inspected at 600 yards to make sure it will perform at 1000 yards.  The minimum caliber at 600 yards is .223 with 50 grain bullets. There must be at least 20 minutes of adjustment left in the sights (iron or scope) after sighting in at 600 yards to shoot at 1000 yards.  Tapered bases are recommended to shoot at 1000 yards.  Twenty two caliber or less may not be allowed to shoot at 1000 yards, but are allowed at 600 yards.  All loads must be supersonic at the pits for both distances.  No black powder, muzzle loaders, 50 cal., fully automatic weapons or ammunition that would be unsafe shooting at long range are allowed.  Any questions on load, calibers and twists can be directed to the contact below. Help will be available to get you on target at each distance.

The number of shooters will be limited to 30 people per session and they should sign up prior to the event.  We will try to accommodate shooters that show up at the day of event if the session hasn’t filled up on a first come basis.  All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For more information and to sign up for this event please contact Robert Hoppe at: