Long Range Varmint Silhouette – 14 September 2019

A beautiful, wind-friendly day greeted 33 shooters for the LRVS match this month. We had a great day with high scores and even two awesome Young Guns!

Below are the scores from the match. A big thank you from the scorekeeper to everyone for completing their scoresheets (except one person, who will be informed of his nonsense!). Also, a big thank you to my Erica and Justin Johnson’s young daughter who helped me get the scores entered!

Match Director, Chuck, came out modeling the new LRVS shirts! If you would like to order one, they are $25.00 and can be purchased at the practice or the next match. See Chuck or Ricky to pay and be added to the list.

The next match is 12 October. Hope to see you out there!

NameClassSquirrelCrowChuckRabbitBobcatCoyoteTotal ScoreClass Up
Dan Lindholm484478435
Chuck Neller472468734
Tom Mangham453468733
Mike Moore473286632
Tony Sallaberry483355731
Dave Thompson463348731
Mike Brewton473475430
Ricky Malone442378428
Doyal Kirby433385325
Ace Tan454264425
Jim Haynie453254625
Erica Johnson473254324
Justin Johnson452146624
Brian Fairchild442445120
David Ryder451421417
Jeff Devere388586035+
Matt Horn374756029
Shannon Meredith364556026
David Tregellas365653025
Dennis Bizeau316746024
Don Johnson367614024
Rick Kirby353274021
Darren Walkenhorst325644021
Mike Lange333257020
Marty Collmar337342019
April Marshall (YG)266450627+
Skyler Strom255620523
Bill Mikota243630622
Glen Wise135820220+
Garett Duke (YG)121320311
John Ingle143520418
Felipe de Souza152400112
Gary Sayles14110006