Military Silhouette Match Results 2019-10-19

First Squad

One perk of this match is: unlimited sighters.

This came in handy today when Jim K. took five shots to sight-in his M1 Garand on the Ram gong at 545 yards with a strong wind from West/South West.

1st sighter: Spotter: “You’re right; about 12 inches.” Me: two clicks.

2nd sighter: Spotter: “You’re right; about 24 inches.” Me: two more clicks.

3rd sighter: Spotter: “You’re still way right; are you sure you’re dialing in the right direction?” Me: “Yes, I’m dialing right –“

One shooter preferred Kentucky Windage — said he, “You wouldn’t believe how far left I was holding!”

Another M1 Garand shooter had 8 clicks left windage for the Rams!

So how windy was it? Just watch here.

Alex M. made his annual appearance, shooting his Belgium FN .30-06 limited edition (only 1,000 were made). Notable fact: Alex’s FN holds the Guiness World Record for “Farthest Ejected Case.”

We had a shoot-off for third place, shooting a Pig (175 yards) offhand–it was won by Dave E., shooting his carbine.

Today we learned:

  • Sometimes you have to shoot offhand
  • The wind blows–even more when you have to shoot offhand
  • A Rifleman persists!

(Oh, and one more thing: which direction to turn the windage dial on an M1 Garand.)

Thanks to the Riflemen who came to shoot despite such blustery conditions–all y’all made this match enjoyable!

Our next match is Saturday, November 16, and it will be our final match of 2019.

John shooting his way to First Place
Dave firing his “new” M1 Garand for the first time
Name Rifle Chickens Pigs Turkeys Rams Total
John E. M1 Garand 4
8 3 3 18
Phil S. M1 Garand 2
9 0 4 15
Dave E. Arisaka; M1 Carbine; M1 Garand 6 5 3 0 14
Alex M. Belgium FN .30-06 7 7 0 0 14
Jim B. M1 Garand 5
3 0 11
Roger B. M1A 4 3 1 2 10
Jim K. M1 Garand 4
3 10
Dave R. 1903-A3 4
1 6

P.S. Marty — please come back! We miss you! Besides, it’s no fun just pickin’ on Jim B.