Long Range Varmint Silhouette – 9 November 2019

It was a beautiful day for the last match of the year and we had a full house! Forty shooters came out to bask in the sunshine and the light-winds that gave a great ending to the season.

NameClassSquirrelCrowChuckRabbitBobcatCoyoteTotal ScoreClass Up
Dan Downing473475531
Tom Mangham473465429
Chuck Neller474337529
Bryan Snyder453376428
Dave Thompson441368426
Brian Fairchild453346526
Mike Brewton472164525
Rick Kirby474236224
Jim Haynie472356124
Ricky Malone471163523
Loren Burgess454145423
Jason Downing442347323
Jeff Devere434335422
Mike Moore433247221
Matt Cardin453332521
Justin Johnson442243419
Doyal Kirby424244319
Dave Ryder403345217
Ace Tan423344016
Shannon Meredith374778033+
Don Johnson388646032+
Monte Forbes366746029
Mike Lange365446025
Dennis Bizeau383364024
Marty Collmar354364022
Sylvan Amesbury335356022
Bill Mikota363421016
Patrick Hall30211307
Seth Durman278560834+
John Glidewell266550729+
DJ Rothgeb236240520
David Avila244420216
Michael Radell232330213
Michelle Glidewell224210110
Suzanne O’Grady154550726+
Garett Duque154450624+
Bobby Kolvet167410523+
John Ingle132340416+
Filipe DeSouza151210211
Joe Martini141010511