June 2020 SBMS Match Results

Shihoko Johnson and Amy Hinge Shoot off for Ladies Trophy

Windy weather and new format with smaller targets brought lower scores. To improve our scores I will schedule a practice day on Friday, July 17th the day before our next match. Plus I have lowered the threshold for class assignments so we have a more representative spread of shooters. Master 30-40, AAA 23-29, AA 16-22, A 10-15, B 0-9. The new class assignments will be listed with the match results below. The only exception to the last match awards is the B class winner is Shihoko Johnson (I owe you a blue ribbon). Shihoko won the ladies and B class ribbons with a shoot off with Amy Hinge.

Match Results

AA Doyle Andrews 19 1st O.M.W.
AA Don Johnson 16 2nd
A Jim Brott 13 1st
A Marty Collmar 12 2nd
A Ace Tan 12 2nd
A Greg Hinge 11 3rd
A Thang Doan 10
A Ken Harrison 10
B Shihoko Johnson 8 1st Won Shoot Off
B Amy Hinge 8 2nd
B Jerry Gomolka 5 3rd
B Dale Henrie 2