This was our first “ACTUAL” match and it turned out nicely with 16 shooters attending. The wind gods where very kind to us, but the temps DID get somewhat warmer toward the end of the match….. And we were all done and headed home by 11:00 AM! The top score of the day was a perfect 450 shot by Dan Lindholm in the “Unlimited/Open” classification…and his X count was 34…not to shabby for possible score of 450 and a possible X count of 45, huh?? Jonathan Pimm with a 427-17X placed First in SLING class and Tom Mangum took 1st place in “Field Ready” classification with 444-27X (BTW, he was the ONLY shooter in that class! Maybe next time someone can give him some competition, huh??) As I have already mentioned, Dan Lindholm was 1st in the Open/Unlimited class with Doyle Andrews “out “X”ing Marty Colmar to take 2nd with a 448-32X. Marty had the same numerical score but got “only” 31 “X”s!

I want to thank Dan Lindholm for running the line while I was shooting and for being a BIG help with entering and checking all the scores and to Doyle Andrews for helping out with the RSO duties. Also, thanks to EVERYONE for a lot of help setting up and tearing down That all made the match run smoothly and allowed us to start promptly at 8:45 and to be all done and gone by 11:00!! WOW!

Competitor, Classification, Score, “X” Count, Award 

Dan Lindholm, O/U, 450, 34, 1st overall
Doyle Andrews, O/U, 448, 32, 2nd
Marty Colmar, O/U, 448, 31, 3rd
Don Johnson, O/U, 447, 29, 4th
Ace Tan, O/U 446, 25, 5th , 5th
Thang Doan, O/U, 446, 22 6th
Mark Possin, O/U, 445, 25, 7th
Brian Fairchild, O/U, 443, 20, 8th
Ken Harrison, O/U, 440, 8, 9th
Shihoko Johnson, O/U, 434, 23, 10th
Mike Ceccarelli, O/U, 407, 8, 11th
Jim Brott, O/U, 381, 3, 12th
Jerry Gomolka, O/U, 319, 16, 13th
Jonatahn Pimm, SLING, 427, 17, 1st
Ben Luchessi, SLING, 413, 15, 2nd
Tom Mangum, FR, 444, 24, 1st

O/U =Open/ Unlimited
FR=Field Ready