Across the Course Match this weekend!!!!!

Palomino Special Across the Course Match – August 30, 2020

Since we cannot safely use the 200 yard firing line, this special match will be shot at 300 yards and 600 yards. The offhand and rapid fire sitting stages will be shot from the 300 yard line and use the SR-3 center.  Rapid fire prone will be at 300 yards on the SR-3 and then we will move to 600 yards and fire the slow prone stage of the match.

Yes, this is more difficult shooting standing and sitting at 300 yards and scores will be lower, but at least we are shooting XTC so please participate!
AR-Tactical, PRS and all shooters are welcome to participate.  It is not necessary to shoot standing, only that the shooter single load all rounds for stage 1 and stage 4.  EICs will be required.  This will be a “fun” match and will be run in a manner that is “fun” and suited for shooters who have not shot across the course before, or who have not shot one in a long time.  

There will be at least one rifle and shooting coat available for loan to anyone who asks.

This match will be shot on electronic targets (Shotmarker).

Squadding will be at 8-8:15 AM and first shots down range by 8:30 AM
Stage 1: 300 yards – 2 sighters and 20 shots for record offhand in 22 minutes SR-3 targetStage 2: 300 yards – 2 sighters and 2 strings of 10 shots sitting in 60 seconds SR-3 targetStage 3: 300 yards – 2 sighters and 2 strings of 10 shots prone in 70 seconds SR-3 targetStage 4: 600 yards – 2 sighters and 20 shots for records prone in 22 minutes   MR-1 target.

The offhand stage 1 will be shot first by all shooters on all relays before the sitting stage 2 match.  We will be using alternating target frames and thus have plenty of room for both relays to set up on the firing line.

Match director – Greg Brown  303 883 1654