Sept. Smallbore Silhouette Match Results

Shihoko Johnson defeats husband Don in shoot off for Overall Match Winner.

When the smoke cleared Shihoko Johnson won the Overall, A class, ladies class, traveling trophy, and tied the match record. Her husband Don’s runner-up consolation prize is doing the dishes for a month.

Class Name Score Place Notes
AA Don Johnson 20 1st tied match record
AA Mark Possin 19 2nd Won shoot off for 2nd place
AA Thang Doan 19 3rd
AA Doyle Andrews 17
AA Marty Collmar 12
A Shihoko Johnson 20 1st High Match -High Lady- Traveling Trophy
A Jerry Gomolka 14 2nd
A Filipe De Souza 11 3rd
A Ken Harrison 8
A Ace Tan 7
A Jim Brott 7
B Mike Ceccarelli 8 1st
B Dale Henrie 6 2nd
UC Ryan Seer 8