18 OCT 2020 Mini Palma Results

We had another gorgeous fall day for this match with almost NO wind and very pleasant temperatures. 14 shooters turned out for this match, which was fewer than usual, but kinda what I expected considering that some of our “usual shooters” would likely be gone hunting this time of the year. While Doyle Andrews was the overall match winner with a fantastic score of 450-36X, it was very nice to see that so many of our participants are making progress and getting better and better at this game! I have added up the scores of all participants that shot in our August, September and October matches to figure out who shot the top running total score of the year and to help figure out what the classifications should be for next year. You all just may be able to guess who shot the top score of the year (hint—it was pretty darned good!), but it will be officially announced at the annual Christmas party (if it happens this year).As of right now, it is looking like the classifications for the year 2021 will be; SLING CLASS all together as one classification; FIELD READY (FR) as one classification and then: OPEN/UNLIIMITED (O/U) divided into MASTER (scores from 440 to 450), EXPERT (scores from 415 to 439) and SHARPSHOOTER (scores from Zero to 414). Hopefully these will work out OK and I will have a better record for 2021 as I will be proposing to have at least 8 Mini-Palma matches for the year. We only had 4 this year, the first of which was a “no counter” due to being a “test match”, so I only had data for the 3 “actual” matches.

competitor Classification Score X Count Award
Doyle Andrews O/U 450 36X 1st and Match Winner
Ace Tan O/U 450 33X 2nd
Mark Possin O/U 448 29X 3rd
Dan Lindholm O/U 448 28X
Thang Doan O/U 447 31X
Marty Colmar O/U 446 24X
Brian Fairchild O/U 443 29X
Shihoko Johnson O/U 443 20X
Craig Johnson O/U 442 24X
Ken Harrison FR 444 26X 1st
Jim Brott FR 412 11X 2nd
Mike Ceccarelli FR 350 1X 3rd
Don Johnson FR 342 10X
Dale Henrie FR 326 6X

O/U =Open/Unlimited

FR = Field Ready