Military Silhouette 2021-02-20

“Where’s Dave?”


“Dave. D – A – V – E, Dave.”

“Dave’s not here.”

Six stalwart Military Silhouette shooters attended this year’s first match. Notably absent was the 2020 Champion, Dave, so naturally he was the butt of a few jokes throughout the match.

Weather wise, it was a good test for clothing and gear (and a sanity check for “Who willingly shoots under these conditions?”).

How cold was it? Consider Roger and the Mosin-Nagant he was shooting: when he aimed left, the bullet hit right (and vice-versa); when he aimed high, the bullet hit low (and vice-versa). Conclusion: it was so cold, even the rear sight of this ol’ Russian rifle was shivering!

The wind was mostly steady at about 12 MPH from the North with a slight Westerly component—not the typical “lake effect” we get later in the year.

Phil wasn’t content with the challenge of competing under cold and windy conditions—he increased it by using a random assortment of handloads on the Rams, resulting in a seven foot elevation spread, a four foot windage spread, and Marty (shooting off-hand) hitting twice as many Rams as Phil did.

Finally, by unamimous consent, retroactively, if the Defending Champion fails to attend the first match of the year, he has to perform twenty push-ups immediately prior to shooting each stage.

Click image for larger size:

Name Rifle Chickens Turkeys Pigs Rams Total
Jim K M1 Garand & M1A 7 2 10 7 26
Joel L2A1 FAL & K31 6 5 7 4 22
Jim B M1 Garand (.308) 6 4 8 3 21
Phil M1 Garand 6 3 9 1 19
Roger 1903 A3 & Mosin-Nagant 3 1 2 2 8
Marty M1 Garand (.270) & M1 Carbine 1

The next Military Silhouette match is Saturday, March 20 @ 8:00 AM