18 APRIL 2021 Mini-Palma Results

To start with, I know that I owe some of you ribbons, but even when they finally get here I’m gonna have a problem figuring out who I owe them too as right now I have no way to know who scored what since somehow those score sheets didn’t make it home with me. My only thought pertaining to the whereabouts of those sheets of paper is that possibly they got stuffed into one of the boxes of supplies that got put back into the CONEX after the end of the match. I will look for them when I am at Doyle’s Smallbore Silhouette Match next weekend. If I do manage to find them and the missing ribbons DO arrive by the next Mini-Palma, I’ll do my very best to give those to the folks that should have received them on Sunday, 18 APRIL after the match. I will also be able to put a listing of the scores for the match here on the PVGC website.

That being said, we did have a VERY NICE day for shooting on Sunday with pleasant temperatures and not too much wind. We had a wonderful turn out of 20 rifles (we had only 18 shooters with several new folks participating, but two of that 18 elected to shoot two classes for a total of 20 guns!) and had some very high scores shot. Also, I noticed a good bit of improvement in the scores from most everyone! We were finished WAY before lunch and many shooters departed, but some remained and we had kind of a “round table discussion” about how to make the Mini-Palma more fun, easier (and FASTER) to score, easier to run from the Match Director’s viewpoint and to simplify the equipment requirements while making the whole deal hopefully easier to understand and more fair for all skill levels of shooters. This discussion resulted in me deciding to make quite a few modifications to the way we do the match, how targets are scored, etc., etc…..! So…starting with the next Mini-Palma in MAY, we will be operating under the new procedures and rules, so PLEASE READ THE NEWLY REVISED AND POSTED  MINI-PALMA .22 Rifle MATCH  DESCRIPTION as published on this website! One thing I want to point out is that in the future we will be emphasizing and recording each shooter’s rifle and shooter classes on the BOTH ENTRY SHEET AND ON THE TARGETS (all shooters will be asked to record this data on their targets this way!)

Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank Dan Lindholm for help/support running the match and for his help with the scoring and to say that I DO appreciate all the way in which all the shooters contribute to the stuff that just has to get done to put on a match!

24 APR EDIT: Well, I looked through the boxes we have in the CONEX in an attempt to find the match results for the 18th of APR 2021 with no luck, so it looks like I have absolutely no record of those anywhere and they are lost for good, though I will still be keeping my eye out for them to re-appear in some totally unlikely place. That all means that (1) I have no way to figure out who I still owe ribbons to for that match and that (2) When we have the MAY 2021 match I will be trying to remember who typically shoots what kind of scores and then making some kind of an attempt to place each shooter in the appropriate class—not to mention that the MAY match will be our first with the newly revised rifle AND shooter classes, so I will be asking folks what class they think they should be in and likely putting them in the class they ask for. Please remember to put your rifle and your shooter classes on the signup sheets and then on your target, too! Hopefully that will help us to make the class selections and then THE SCORING go more quickly/smoothly at the end of the match!!