April 2021 Smallbore Silhouette Match Results

Toxic masculinity was put asunder by Amy Hinge winning the April match during atrocious weather. When the smoke cleared Amy had won A class, High Lady, and Match Winner. Ten shooters braved the windy conditions to the match director’s amazement. Once again the setup and breakdown was a well coordinated effort.

AA Bruce Montgomery 13 1st
AA Thang Doan 10 2nd
AA Don Johnson 8 3rd
A Amy Hinge 14 1st High Lady High over All-Match Winner
A Greg Hinge 8 2nd
B Jim Brott 13 1st promoted to A class
B Ken Harrison 12 2nd promoted to A class
B Ace Tan 12 2nd promoted to A class
B Patti Montgomery 7 3rd
NM-A Filipe De Souza 5 1st