16 MAY 2021 Mini-Palma Results

We had a very nice day for shooting..not too hot and little wind(though what there was seemed to be kinda switchy). The range was a bit muddy from the previous day’s ran, but was OK if one walked along the “higher side” of the range roads along the east and west sides of the range. Lotta muddy shoes, but no damage to the range! Anyway, after the match was over we had some more discussion about how scoring and the classifications could be changed to make the whole deal better (easier) for the Match Director and make more sense to the shooters so those will be changing for the next match. Basically we will have 3 RIFLE classes (SLING, OPEN and FT-R) and in FTR ONLY we will have either 2 or 3 shooter classes and that should simplify things. Not to mention that Ace Tan has volunteered his skills and experience to help me out by doing the score keeping and figuring out who won what! More about all that to come in the MATCH DESCRIPTION! So, in the future match results will look a lot like the following results for today, but I will add some classes for the FTR folks.!


Shooter                   Stage #1        Stage #2        Stage #3        TOTAL

Ace Tan                    150-14X     150-13X     150-14X                 450-41X

Thang Doan           151-5X       150-14X     150-13                    450-40X

Doyle Andrews         150-14X     150-12X     148-12X                450-39X

Dan Lindholm           150-11X     150-13X     150-12X                450-36X

Dennis Bizeau           150                  150              150                 450-34X

Craig Johnson          150-10X     148-8X       147-8X          445-25X

Marty Colmar           150-8X       150-10X     147-5X              442-23X

Don Johnson                149-8X       147-7X       147-4X                   442-19X


Thang Doan                150-12X     149-13X     150-13X                 449-41Z

 Rickie Malone            150-11X     150-12X     148-10X                 448-37X

Ace Tan                       150-13X     148-8X       14-11X                 447-32X

Mark Possin                 147-10X     150-7X       146-7X                   445-24X

Ken Harrison                144-5X       147-9X       144-5X                   435-19X

Greg Hinge                   148-7X       145-3X       141-3X                   433-13X

Amy Hinge                   143-3X       141-4X       146-5X                   430-12X

 Patti Montgomery        151-3X       138-4X       141-2X                  430-9X

Chris Peterson              148-2X       144-7X       130-2X                   422-11X

Bruce Montgonery       134-2X       124-2X       138-6X                   396-10X

Dale Henrie                  123-1X       116-3X       92-1X                     331-5X

Tom Hammond            96-1X          99-2X        85-0X                      288-3X

Felipe De Souza                                                                                       DNF