16 MAY 2021 Mini-Palma

It was a nice day, though the range was a tad gooey. We did no range damage, and had a good time shooting with very light (but kinda switchy) winds. We had FIVE perfect scores of 450 shot! My apologies to Dennis Bizeau as we somehow don’t have any of his X counts. After the match we chatted about match conduct and rules and decided to change the way we did the last and this match, making some rules and classification changes that should result in making the scoring a LOT easier and faster and also making the shooter classifications make more sense. More details will be published in the MATCH DESCRIPTION on this website, so please see that when I get it all figured out and publish it.!


Shooter                        Stage #1        Stage #2        Stage #3                TOTAL

Ace Tan                 150-14X     150-13X     150-14X                 450-41X

Thang Doan         150-15X       150-14X     150-11X                450-40X

Doyle Andrews           150-14X     150-12X     148-12X                 448-38X

Dan Lindholm              150-11X     150-13X     150-12X                450-36X

Dennis Bizeau               150                  150                  150                      450-34X

Craig Johnson              150-10X     148-8X      147-8X                 445-26X

Marty Colmar               150-8X       150-10X     147-5X                 442-23X

Don Johnson                149-8X       147-7X       146-4X                 442-19X


Thang Doan                150-12X     149-13X     150-13X                  449-41X

 Rickie Malone            150-11X     150-12X     148-10X                  448-33X

Ace Tan                       150-13X     148-8X       149-11X                  447-32X

Mark Possin                 147-10X      150-7X       146-7X                   443-24X

Ken Harrison                144-5X        147-9X       144-5X                    435-19X

Greg Hinge                   148-7X        145-3X        141-3X                    434-13X

Amy Hinge                   143-3X        141-4X       146-5X                    430-12X 

Chris Peterson              148-2X       144-7X       130-2X                    422-11X

Patti Montgomery      131-3X        138-4X      141-2X                   410-9X

Bruce Montgonery        134-2X        124-2X       138-6X                   396-10X

Dale Henrie                  123-1X        116-3X       92-1X                    331-5X

Tom Hammond             96-1X           99-2X        85-0X                     280-3X

Felipe De Souza                                                                                       DNF