PVGC Gas Gun Re-Scheduled for Sep 25th.

Its time for some Gas Gun Fun! PVGC Gas Gun is back with a fast and fun course of fire with targets from 170-650 yards. This is the perfect match to get your feet wet in long-range shooting or sharpen your skills with your gasser!

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PVGC Gas Gun is a semi-auto precision rifle match that blends the time+ scoring format with precision rifle style stages. Targets are engaged from 170-650 yards with the majority of targets in the 230-425 yard range.
Min ammo required- 80 rds, max ammo required -120 rds. This match is .223 rem oriented!

Gas Gun Match Format

– Time+ scoring
o Shooters raw time for finishing the stage plus time penalties for not hitting targets.
o Penalty is max par time, plus 5 seconds for every target not hit
– 120 second par time
– 15 rounds max per stage
– Targets are ALL hit to move on.
– Starting position will be standing, mag in, bolt back
– Only 1 bag is allowed for the entire match. Whatever bag the shooter starts with, they have to finish with.
– No equipment changes (other than magazines). Shooters are only allowed to use the equipment that they start with. Bipods must remain attached to the rifles at all times.
– 2 divisions regardless of cartridge selection
o Small frame
o Large frame
– Shooter will use their safety while moving positions and yell “Safe” while doing so.

For questions or more information please email: