PVGC Precision Rifle Gas Gun Results

Saturday was a beautiful day for some Gas Guns!

We had a great turn out, calm winds and lots of fast paced semi-auto action!

A big thank you goes out to Amend2 Magazines for their support and awesome prizes!

Match Winner Jeremy Tye





Name                                                 Final      

1-Tye, Jeremy                                  398.94

2-Fiddes, Gregory                           512.26

3-Christensen, David                      656.20

4-Rathbun, Paul                               670.22

5-Hornback, Matthew                    679.56

6-Severson, Erik                              724.42                 

7-Davis, Shane                                 763.38

8-Litzinger, John                              763.82

9-Lowe, Steve                                  794.90

10-Nelson, Nick                               864.97

11-Tye, Jesse                                    874.83

12-Rasmussen, Michael                 894.04

13-Bowers, Terry                            920.50

14-Aninzo, Albert                            926.59

15-Hornback, Jessica                     978.85

16-Case, Chad                                  985.54

17-espinoza, Rogelio                     987.61

18-Duque, Garett                            999.64

19-Woodhouse, Scott                    1023.84

20-Karsten, Luke                             1062.02

21-Duque, Steve                              1100.00

22-Swann, Nathan                          1170.68

23-Thatcher, Brian