PVGC Midrange Club Championship

We had an amazing weekend of calm winds, clear skies, and mild temperatures for the PVGC Midrange Club Championship. This is turning out to be a club favorite due to the relaxed nature of the event. The electronic targets ran flawlessly and the event was enjoyable from beginning to end.


Competitor Day 1 Day 2 Aggregate place
Bruce Ulrich 595-37X 596-39X 1191-76X 1st
Terry Herning 596-41X 591-29X 1187-70X 2nd
Bob McBroom 593-31X 594-29X 1187-60
Monte Forbes (FTR) 584-25X 593-25X 177-50X
Dennis Bizeau 585-13X 583-23 1168-36X
Don Klotz (FTR) 587-32X 565-26X 1152-58X
Tom Evans 550-6X 551-10X 1101-16X
Dale Montgomery 541-8X 554-4X 1095-12X

Palma Rifle

Competitor Day 1 Day 2 Aggregate place
Greg Brown 592-22X 595-28X 1187-50X 1st
Ben Lucchesi 593-34X 588-38X 1181-72X
Paula Krenshaw 586-20X 585-17X 1171-37X
Ken Chambers 579-18X 572-16X 1151-34X
John Mason 572-22X DNF 572-22X

AR Tactical

Competitor Day 1 Day 2 Aggregate place
Rick Lovelace 595-33X 588-31X 1183-64X 1st
Robin Lovelace 592-29X 573-15X 1165-44X
Jonathan Pimm (SR) 571-18X 544-6X 1115-24X