17 OCT 2021 Mini-Palma RESULTS

17 OCT turned out to be a nice day…kinda cool in the early AM, but warmed up as the morning went on and then we were all done shooting by about 10:30 Am and all gone by 11:00 AM at which time the light breeze was starting to become stronger! We had 18 guns fired by 16 shooters (Two shooters fired in more than one classification). Overall Match Winner with a 450-42X was Thang Doan and he also took home the traveling trophy. Again this month I’d like to extend my thanks to all who attended and also did a lot of the work…It really does take teamwork to put on a match that runs smoothly and doesn’t gobble up the time like it COULD. I’d particularly like to extend my thanks to Ace Tan and Thang Doan who provided a lot of support to the scoring phase of the match..also Doyle Andrews, who ran the line while I shot and to everyone who helped out by acting as RSOs!! A couple of things I’d like to add: (1) When the target faces that have just been fired are removed from the wood backer, PLEASE remove all the staples (we DO HAVE tools on the line to do this with!!) that are often left to accumulate and then have to be removed later and (2) There is a Mini-Palma scheduled for NOVEMBER, but as we all know the weather around here can be QUITE FICKLE in the 11th month of the year, so I will be closely watching the forecasts to try to understand if the weather will turn out to be sunny and decently warm OR there will be snow….it could go either way and if the forecast looks like it will be NOT a nice day to shoot, I will do my best to make the call and cancel the NOVEMBER match at least 4 or 5 days before it is scheduled. Please keep an eye on the clubs website to see how that turns out—-hopefully if the match has to be cancelled, enough notice will be given to possible attendees so that no one wastes time traveling out to the range, only to discover that the match has been cancelled!


Competitor, rifle, Rifle class, score,

Thang Doan, Vydoo, Open, 450-42X

Ace Tan, Anschutz, Open, 450-30X

Marty Colmar, Remington, Open, 447-25X

Doyle Andrews. Voelker, Open, 447-29X

Marty Colmar, Rem (2nd gun), Open, 447-25X

Shihoko Johnson, Rem 40X, Open, 445-21X

Don Johnson, Rem 40X, Open, 444-26X

Ken Harrison, B147, Open, 443-22X

Mike Ceccarelli, Anschutz, Open, 435-17X

Mark Possin, Anschutz, Open, 427-16X

Tom Grulick, Ruger, Open (unclass), 424-10X

Chris Petersen, Savage, Open, 410-10X

Jim Brott, Ruger, Open, 375-8X

Dale Henry, Savage, Open, 328-4X

Tom Hammond, Marlin, Open, 312-2X

Felipe DeSouza, UNK, Open, DNF

Thang Doan, Anschutz, FTR, 449-35

David Jun, CZ 457, FTR (unclass), 449-33X


NOTE: Shooters with UNCLASS after their rifle class are not yet classified as this is their first score!!