2021 Mini-Palma Champions

We have TWO Champs to congratulate this year. Yes, TWO!!—one selected for highest average of the best 5 matches a shooter achieved and the second one for achieving the highest number total scored for the entire season.

Those two are Thang Doan, who achieved the highest score average of 449.8 for the best five matches he shot during this year, and he beat out Ace Tan who shot a 449.6 average for his best five matches. Ace got beat by only TWO TENTHS of a point!! Next category champ is Ace Tan, who shot a total score of 3,588 for the year, beating out (guess who!) Thang Doan who wound up second with a score of 3,143 for the year….proving that shooting in the most matches possible is a worthwhile thing to do. Thang Doan shot a lot of great scores, but lost out due to not having shot in as many matches as Ace Tan did!

This all means that ACE TAN gets awarded the travelling trophy and he gets to keep it, but Thang Doan is declared the Mini-Palma Highest 5 match average Mini-Palma Champion!

Come out and shoot with us!! We welcome shooters who are new to this game and enjoy having shooters that want to give this a try! The Rifle classes for next year (2022) will be changed somewhat from this year (2021) and we will have only 4 rifle classes: F-OPEN, OPEN BENCH/PRONE, FTR and SLING. Only FTR will have shooter level classifications, of which there will be three. The other three rifle classes will not contain shooter classifications. We should have a class for pretty much any level of shooter and any kind of equipment. Please read the Match Description for more details.