20 MAR 2022 Smallbore Practice Matches DAY

The 20 MAR (SUNDAY) smallbore event will be  BOTH a Mini-Palma PRACTICE MATCH  and a SMALLBORE SILHOUETTE PRACTICE match day with partial matches of each kind. What I intend to do is put both Mini-Palma AND our new smallbore silhouette swingers out on the range and then proceed to shoot  2/3 of a Mini-Palma match (two stages only for each shooter for a total of 30 shots first) followed by HALF of a smallbore silhouette match (5 shots at each target bank for a total of 20 shots). Shooters will keep their own scores, but hits and misses shot on the smallbore silhouettes will be spotted and called as hits or misses by each shooter’s squad mates. There will be NO score results posted on the PVGC website.

I figure that if we all do this in a coordinated/controlled way, it will give everyone an opportunity to get their zeros for both matches and to have some fun just shooting while becoming familiar with the new for this year target setups AND familiarize with the scoring/spotting for the Smallbore silhouette.steel (scoring for the Mini-Palma will remain the same as last year even though the classifications and  SOME targets will be new for this year). What we will do is use our Mini-Palma setups to shoot the Mini-Palma portion and then switch rifles and shoot the steel silhouettes (or vice-versa…I haven’t quite figured out which one should  be first, but am leaning toward the Mini-Palma first)
If it looks like we can do it, given time and decent weather, we will try to have a short PRACTICE period..on the new steel silhouettes before firing the half matches.

So that is the PLAN and we’ll see how that all works out!! PLEASE BRING BOTH of your rifle setups to the practice! (don’t forget ammo!!)
Also, PLEASE NOTE that this will be kind of a PRACTICE for me too 😛, so this all will require everyone’s participation/efforts to make it all work right!! In any case, we will likely spend most of the morning and possibly some time into the afternoon shooting various targets and our smallbore rifles for both kinds of smallbore matches and we may wind up kinda making the plan up as we go along in order to accommodate everyone getting prepared for the 2022 season of shooting.

If anyone has any questions about all this, please contact me at my usual email or cell addresses
Don J

Reno, NV