2022 March Smallbore Silhouette Match Results

New sheriff in town! Mike Moore scores a perfect 40 while Shannon Meredith takes second over all after besting Don Johnson in a shootoff after they both posted 36. Hats off to Rickey and Marty for the new targets. They are easier to hit and to score.


Class Name Score Place Notes
Master Mike Moore 40 1st Match Champion
Master Shannon Meredith 36 2nd 1st Lady
Master Don Johnson 36 3rd
Master Mark Possin 34 4th
Master Chuck Neller 32 5th
Master Bruce Montgomery 31 6th
Expert Patti Montgomery 29 1st
Expert Ken Harrison 25 2nd
Expert Jim Brott 19 3rd.

Non-magnified Class

Class Name Score Place
Expert Ace Tan 22 1st
Expert Thang Doan 21 2nd
Sportsman Rickey Malone 15 1st