22 MAY 2022 Mini-Palma Results

This Sunday turned out to be a very pleasant day to shoot—temperatures were quite comfortable and the wind, though a tad squirrelly toward the last hour or so of shooting, were pretty light. All in all, a it was a great day to be at the range for each of the 19 shooters that attended (we had 21 competitors due to a couple of shooters competing in more than one classification).

Our overall match winner and the high score of the day was Colby Sakumoto with a score of 449-36X and, though he earned the traveling trophy, he declined to take it home as he believes he will NOT attend the next month’s match due to other obligations.

The following is a list of scores of the competitors is pretty abbreviated and in no particular order, as I believe that some shooters were mis-classified due to some registration confusion and, at the moment I am having some trouble seeing my computer screen!

Those problems should be remedied by our next match!!


Marty Colmar               394-6X

Mark Possin                 413-10X

Thang Doan                  DNF


Rickie Malone              432-16X

Colby Sakumoto            449-36X

Cole Johnson                443-21X

Craig Johnson               446-29X

Shihoko Johnson            431-18X

Chris Petersen              422-14X

Jerry Gomolka              437-20X


Ace Tan                       442-23X

Thang Doan                  449-30X (second gun)

Tom Hammond            390-8X

Marty Colmar               445-24X  (second gun)

Don Johnson                437-13X

Ken Harrison                426-16X

Jun B (?)                      363-5X

Dale Henrie                  395-7X

Patty Montgomery            432-14X

Bruce Montgomery            438-13X

Chuck Neller                444-31X