Short Range Tactical Rifle 12June2022

We only had 5 shooters come out for a very windy match this month. Hits on the 300 yd. gong proved difficult as well as the standing position with the increasing winds. There was a shootoff for first place with Marty taking the honors. Many thanks to those that came and helped with setting up and take down of targets, barricades, chairs, rifle racks, mats, etc… Next months match will be on Sunday July 10th.

Competitor Class Rifle Prone Kneeling Standing Total
Marty Collmar O AR-15 .223 12 7 6 25+1
Olin Coles O Olympic Arms K-8 14 10 1 25
Albert Aninzo O AR-15 .223 7 6 5 20
Monte Forbes O Rem. R-25 .243 9 8 1 16
Brady Hines S AR-15 .223 4 7 0 11