Military Silhouette 2022-07-16

Six shooters enjoyed pleasant weather for knocking down steel silhouette targets at 110, 175, 421, and 547 yards with vintage military rifles.

Sylvan won first place shooting a M1A, Jim B. won second place with a M1 Garand in .308, and Jim K. won the shoot-off against Phil with his first shot.

Jim B. now joins Joel M. with having to shoot Chickens, Pigs, and Turkeys offhand at their next match.

Target setup went quickly because the match director forgot the spray paint. (However he did remember to bring ammo.)

We starting shooting at 8:20 and finished at 10:10, beating both the heat and the wind.

Phil wore a brightly colored shirt which attracted many insects throughout the match, including a fly which landed in the rear sight just as the shot broke.

Name Rifle(s) Chickens Turkeys Pigs Rams Total
Sylvan A. M1A 4
4 8 6 22
Jim B. M1 Garand 4
4 6
7 21
Jim K.
Shoot-off Winner
M1 Garand 5
4 3
6 18
Phil S. M1 Garand
Springfield 1873 Trapdoor
3 9 4 18
Dave R. 1903A3
Krag–Jørgensen in .30-40
5 3
4 16
Mark J. M1A 3
3 6 4 16

Here are the handicap standings (i.e., who is shooting what offhand for their next match):

Name Chickens Pigs Turkeys
Joel M.
Jim B.
Jim K.
Dave R.
Hannah G.
Sylvan A.
Don J.
Mark J.
Dan L.
Tom M.
Chuck N.
Erik R.
Phil S.
Roger B.

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