17 JULY 2022 Mini-Palma Results

The day started off kinda warm, but we were all done by 1030, so the morning spent (by most of us) in the shade was pretty pleasant as the day presented only slight breezes—not even CLOSE to enough to be called “WIND”. We had 20 competitors, 2 of whom elected to shoot in 2 separate classes which gave us a total of 22 rifles shot in the match. We did add the two steel target holders on each end of the 100 yard line, but wound up using the two on the right end. High score of the day was Thang Doan with a 450-40X in FTR High Master classification. That score was shot off of a BIPOD!! By the time we were all done and everything was put away, it was starting to be pretty evident that this was going to be a VERY warm day later. I’d like to thank all the shooters for helping out with everything it takes to have a match like this, but I’d like to particularly offer my thanks to Thang Doan and Ace Tan who helped me out a bunch by doing the score totals and figuring out the classification placings and Dan Lindholm was gracious enough to run the line while I shot—Thanks, guys!!

We had several folks in FTR High Master shoot perfect 450s, all of which were shot off of BIPODS!! One new shooter (Bob McBroom) in the OPEN class also shooting a 450 and has now been placed in the F-OPEN classification along with several other shooters being moved upward in classification!

Name Rifle Classification Score Place NEW Class??
Dan Lindholm Vudoo F-Open 446-24X 1st
Craig Johnson Turbo F-Open 444-31X 2nd
Thang Doan Unk F-Open 441-18X 3rd
Colby Sakumoto Anschutz F-Open 435-18X
Marty Colmar Unk F-Open 406-8X
Bob McBroom Unk OPEN New guy 450-36X 1st NEW CLASS = F-OPEN
Shihoko Johnson Rem 40X OPEN 447-29X 2nd NEW CLASS = F-Open
Chris Pertersen Unk OPEN 446-? 3rd NEW CLASS = F-Open
Ricky Malone BRNO OPEN 442-18X NEW CLASS = F-Open
Tom Hammond Unk OPEN 380-3X
Bryan Hammond Unk OPEN New Guy 380-3X NEW CLASS =OPEN
Thang Doan Unk FTR High Master 450-40X 1st
Ace Tan Unk FTR High Master 450-31 2nd
Marty Colmar Unk FTR High Master 450-30X 3rd
Don Johnson Rem 40X FTR High Master 444-26X
Mike Moore KIDD FTR Master 440-20X 1st
Bill Petersen Unk FTR Master 403-4
Ken Harrison Unk FTR Sportsman 450-33X 1st NEW CLASS = High Master
Mark Possin Unk FTR Sportsman 444-22X 2nd New Class = FTR High Master
Bruche Montgomery Unk FTR Sportsman 443-17X 3rd NEW Class = FTR High Master
Patty Montgomery Unk FTR Sportsman 422-8X
Hale Henrie Savage? FTR Sportsman 414-40

As you can see, we had SEVERAL perfect scores of 450 shot, ALL IN a BIPOD class—-FTR High Master!!