PVGC July 24, 2022 Smallbore Silhouette

With 14 in attendance The heat kept shooter numbers and scores low but spirits were high and all had fun.

In non magnified sportsman new Shooter Ryan Serr shot a 28 and will move up to Expert, Tom Hammond didn’t have a good day.

In Expert Non magnified Marty Collmar won with a score of 27 with Ace Tan scoring a 26.

Magnified Expert was won by Patti Montgomery scoring 30, Chris Peterson 25, Bill Paterson 20 and Ricky Malone 15.

Felipe De Souza was the lone shooter in Master non magnified scoring 20 and in Magnified Master Mark Possin won scoring 29, Don Johnson 27, Shihoko Johnson 23 and Bruce Montgomery 22. Thank you to everyone for showing up.