This day turned out to be smoke free, thanks to, (I think) breezes being blowing in the right direction, as I believe there were still smoke and fire problems in CA. The day was cooler than what we have been experiencing lately and there was a breeze blowing in the AM, making us all think that this was gonna be a challenge, but it turned out to be not too serious and even pretty much laid down a couple of time. Of course, about the time the match was over with the wind quit completely!! We didn’t have as large a turnout as we did for some of the recent Mini-Palmas, but still had 9 shooter and 11 rifles shot as two shooters competed in 2 different classes. Thang Doan was the high overall shooter (is that getting to be a familiar name??) with a 450-36X in the FTR High Master classification. I’d like to thank Thang for helping run the match so I could shoot and both Thang and Ace Tan for doing the scoring chores. Of course, I always appreciate all the efforts the shooters put in to help with targets and a few other tasks that help make the match go smoothly and quickly.

COMPETITOR RIFLE Classification Score Place NEW Class?
C. Johnson Turbo F-OPEN 448-30X 1st
Thang Doan Anschutz F-OPEN 441-22X 2nd
S. Johnson 40X F-OPEN 421-10X 3rd
Thang Doan Anschutz FTR H. MASTER 450-36X 1st
Ace Tan Anschutz FTR H. MASTER 446-29 2nd
D. Johnson 40X FTR H. Master 445-22X 3rd
C. Johnson Vudoo FTR H. MASTER 445-18X 4th
Mark Possin Vudoo FTR-H. MASTER 442-25X 5th
B. Montgomery Ruger 77 FTR-H. MASTER 442-12X 6th
B. Pattersen DNF
P. Montgomery Ruger 77 FTR Sportsman 440-11X 1st NEW CLASS = FTR H. MASTER!! '