3X600 High Power Prone Results 29 April 2023

We had a nice, sunny morning with very light winds. Good scores were shot but just enough wind to cause everyone to drop some points. Many thanks to all that came out and helped with targets and flags.

F-Open 600 possible

Competitor Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Total
Bob McBroom 193-3X 194-5X 197-7X 584-15X
Rudy Villasenor 198-8X 193-4X 187-5X 578-17X
Mike Brewton 198-9X 179-11X 199-8X 576-28X
Julie Brewton 193-6X 192-4X 178-2X 563-12X

F-TR 600 possible

Monte Forbes 193-4X 194-6X 190-3-X 577-13X
Mark Parrish 191-5X 190-5X 156-14X 537-14X

Any/Any 600possible

Greg Brown 199-9X 197-10X 197-11X 593-30X