Mini Palma Jun 18, 2023

The day started out with winds from 5 to 7mph variable, and with gust up to 15mph. We had 10 shooters and 11 guns, as one shooter shot in two classes. The highest score was shot by Marty Collman in Open with the score of 449-27x. I would like to thanks Don Johnson for helping run the lines while I was shooting, and thanks to Ace Tan for helping me with the scoring. It was still a nice clear and Happy Father’s Day too, and we had funs and was done by 10:15am.

F-OPEN                     Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Craig Johnson          142-5x           147-6x           145-4x           434-15x         2nd

Dan Lindholm          142-3x           146-9x           146-2x           434-14x         3rd

Marty Collman        146-7x           149-7x           147-5x           442-19x         1st

FT/R Hi-Master      Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Thang Doan             150-10x         148-9x           148-8x           446-27x         1st

Ken Harrison            143-5x           148-5x           149-6x           440-16x         2nd

Don Johnson            148-8x           147-6x           136-2x           427-16x         3rd

FT/R Master            Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Bill Patterson           146-5x           146-5x           144-6x           436-16x         1st 

FT/R Sportsman     Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Jim Broth                  145-7x           138-7x           102-3x           385-17x         2nd

Dale Henrie              135-4x           127-2x           130-0x           398-6x           1st

Open                         Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Marty Collman        149-10x         150-10x         150-7x           449-27x         1st

Ace Tan                     150-7x           149-7x           149-8x           448-22x         2nd