Mini Palma July 16,2023

It was a nice day with temperature starting in the low 70s, and then got hot by 9:30am. The wind was calm and 2-3mph with some switching by 9am. We had 12 shooters, and 12 guns. The highest score was in OPEN Class, and Ace Tan shot a 450-28x. We were all done by 10am. Thanks to everyone that came out and join us. Much thanks to Doyle for running the lines, while I was shooting, and thank you Ace for helping with the scoring.

F-OPEN                     Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Doyle Andrew         147-6x           149-9x           144-3x           440-18x         1st

FT/R Hi-Master      Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Thang Doan             150-14x         150-11x         149-13x         449-38x         1st

Mark Possin             149-10x         150-5x           150-6x           449-29x         2nd

Ken Harrison            149-10x         150-11x         148-7x           447-28x         3rd

Chuck Neller             150-13x         149-11x         147-5x           446-29x         4th

FT/R Sportsman     Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Ricky Malomb         150-9x           143-5x           135-2x           425-16x         1st

Tom Hammond       145-3x           145-5x           135-3x           425-11x         2nd

Dale Henrie              147-6x           125-0x           137-3x           409-9x           3rd

Jim Broth                  145-5x           132-3x           119-1x           396-9x           4th

Open                         Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Ace Tan                     150-11x         150-10x         150-7x           450-28x         1st

Bill Patterson           137-6x           149-7x           148-8x           434-21x         2nd

Chris Peterson        147-5x           143-5x           143-3x           433-13x         3rd