Mini Palma September 17, 2023

It was another beautiful day to shoot MiniPalma, we had 11 shooters that came out and joined us. The morning was cool and calm. We had the highest score of the match in the Open Class, with Ace Tan shot an impressive 450-35x. We also had two shooters that got promoted from Sportsman to Master and one shooter promoted from Master to Hi-Master in the FTR Class. I would like to thank Doyle Andrew for running the lines, while I was shooting. Thank You Ace Tan for helping me with the scoring.

F-OPEN                     Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Marty Collman        147-5x           149-5x           147-5x           443-15x         1st

FT/R Hi-Master      Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Thang Doan             150-14x         150-15x         149-12x         449-41x         1st

Ken Harrison            149-9x           150-13x         149-12x         448-34x         2nd

Mark Possin             150-10x         150-14x         147-6x           447-30x         3rd

FT/R Master            Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Bill Peterson            150-9x           150-12x         148-7x           448-28x         1st

(Promoted to Hi-Master) 

FT/R Sportsman     Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Ricky Malone           148-9x           148-8x           144-6x           440-23x         1st

(Promoted to Master)

Tom Hammond       149-8x           145-4x           144-6x           440-18x         2nd

(Promoted to Master)

Chris Peterson        138-6x           148-7x           136-3x           422-16x         3rd

Jim Brott                   133-7x           139-1x           122-2x           394-10x         4th

Open                         Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage3           Total              Result

Ace Tan                     150-11x         150-12x         150-12x         450-35x         1st

Doyle Andrew         150-14x         149-10x         150-10x         449-34x         2nd