Smallbore Silhouette Results 2/25/2024

Our first Smallbore silhouette of the year was an awesome event with great weather. We had 9 of our regular shooters plus we were blessed with the presence of 9 shooter from the Davidson academy several whom were shooting for the first time. A good time was had by all plus some impressive scores put up but some of our new shooters. The master class was won by Ace Tan scoring 31,second place was Marty Collmar with a 29 and Chuck Neller in 3rd with a 24. In the expert class Jim Brott was First with a 26, Doyal Andrews was second with a 25 and Ken Harrison with a 22. And the stand out new comers were Aurabella Murray who shot a 25 her father Jeremy Murray with a 28 and Alexander Weaver with a very impressive 29.